A masha.

Top 4 Motivations for Taking the Leap to Code

My quick and dirty reasoning behind a career change from hedge fund auditor to developer.

Meaningful and Realistic Contributions
In the midst of my previous career, I came to the realization that I functioned as a necessary evil. Somehow I had overlooked this glaring fact when determining my path, but in that instance I knew I couldn’t live my life in this capacity. I wanted to contribute, to be an active and productive being, I had all the qualifications after all. As children, many of us dreamt of changing the world. In time, reality and cynisim creapt over our lofty goals and we let go of our seemingly niave desires. Yet as a developer, not only is this idea of effecting change completely within reach, it is limited only by your imagination.

Consistently Evolving Industry
There is no way to know everything there is to know about programming. Ever. The thought of a lifetime of learning and growth is incredibly appealing to me. The tech world is one of few that literally thrives on account of constant improvement. There is no room for complacency in life and I want my career (aka my day-to-day existence) to be a reflection of this mantra.

The Culture
There is so much to be said for surrounding yourself by the right people…and most people have already said it. I subscribe to the belief that loving what you do is equally important as doing it with good people. Motivated, positive, open-minded and kind people will elevate your mood and in turn your general happiness. I consider myself to be amongst these people and as such I want these people to be amongst me.

I Love Puzzles
Seriously, writing code is like solving a super complicated puzzle. Sure it’s frustrating when you can’t find that perfectly fitting piece and sure sometimes you try to shove one in that you know doesn’t fit, but you can’t deny that giddy sense of accomplishment when it all works out. I want to feel that joy everyday.

Over the next three months, I’m eager to uncover new reasons that uphold my decision that I didn’t even know existed.

Are you contemplating taking this leap as well?

If you’re already there, what were your motivations?